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Who is Mohanan Vaidyar? Let’s get familiarized

Dear Friends,

We believe that you have read our first post. We are moving  into the next step of our aim. We are introducing a personality who loves nature and is living with nature. He is the inspiration of welcometonature. As a writer, I don’t have words to describe him. He is the one who works for the society beyond his limitations. I can only say that he is a great personality who does only benefits for the society more than his ability.



“Mohanan Nair”. Most of you know him as Mohanan Vaidyar. But he works for the society more than a medic. He is a guide who shows how to live in accord with nature. He is a medic who shows which doctor can actually heal us. He is a friend who shows what is your strength. He is an expert who points out the adulteration in food. He is a teacher who teaches how each medicinal plant is beneficial for us. If I continue to say like this, I can move without stopping because he is a person with such a potential. In brief, I can only introduce Mohanan Vaidyar in such a way. But it is sure that we will make you familiarize Mohanan Vaidyar through each of our posts and videos. We will also help you to take advantage of his presence in every phase of your life.

As the first step, we are starting a new programme from today onwards. You will get what you expect from Mohanan Vaidyar through this programme. This programme will go through almost all parts of a man’s life. You can share your thoughts and doubts with us. You will get the answers for your doubts.   With all your co-operation we are starting… Let’s Live, But How?

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