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Attention Please, Cancer patients, Cancer can be cured!!!

Before confirming that you are a cancer patient or affected by any other disease make sure that you have checked in at least ten different labs. Then you decide whether you are affected by that disease or not. We all are being cheated, that’s why I am saying this; that’s why this post is so important. You can see some of the experiences of  Mohanan Vaidyar in this post.  Also you can see some details of some of the patients who have been cured from cancer by Vaidyar .



The cancer patient who came from Saudi Arabia

A Blood Cancer patient from Saudi Arabia came to see Vaidyar. But before meeting Vaidyar he called Vaidyar and Vaidyar told him to take 15 ml juice of papaya leaves 3 times a day.

pappaya leaf

Soon after he came to Kerala and met Vaidyar. Vaidyar asked him to check his platelet count in five different labs. He came from Saudi Arabia with 19000 platelet counts and when he checked here in five different labs, the count became 1 lakh 50 thousand, 2 lakh 65 thousand, and 3 lakh 30 thousand, 50 thousand and 40 thousand.  You can see here in two different labs the platelet count is very less and in other two different labs the platelet count is more than a normal person. These all tests were done within half an hour. How can we believe lab reports?

The relatives too die

When a patient is confirmed as a cancer patient, not only he, his relatives and friends too die, that home becomes a grave. As a result, the condition of the patient becomes more serious and worsens.

Narayanan, a cancer patient, aged 59, from Palakkad is just an example for this.Narayanan who was a poor farmer became frightened and terrified hearing that he was a cancer patient. He came to see Vaidyar with his wife and mother in law who also got frightened along with Narayanan. Vaidyar send him to check his blood in 6 different labs and in only one lab he got a result that his platelet count was low. Vaidyar send them back without even giving medicine.

Cancer – A Super Fraud

  •  The new trend of modern medicine is to make anything and everything cancerous if they do not understand any disease or lump or anything else.
  • Don’t be afraid if a doctor or a hospital says that you are a cancer patient. Go and check in 4, 5 labs and then only confirm.
  • Think thoroughly before you decide which treatment you should take because the treatment that includes chemotherapy and radiation will destroy your immunity. If immunity is lost then there is no existence.

 The Fear of Disease

  • Diseases come only to rescue us.
  • Don’t be afraid of disease, instead you understand and study that disease.
  • Don’t be panic when you get a negative result from a lab, just go and check in 5, 6 other labs and then confirm.
  • Just like hunger and thirst, disease is just another process to oust the wastes from our body. Understand that and co-operate with your body.

Your body is the most superior lab. Body is repelling in many ways what you have sent to test inside. If you check good, you will get good result and if you check bad, you will get bad result. So,

Check Good,

Achieve Good.

We have given some details of ex-patients who came to Vaidyar for treating various kinds of cancer. Please like  this post to see the details.. Our facebook page


  • Janardhana Paniker Blood Cancer  +919447976117 Maruthorvattom, Cherthala
  • Manoj         Throat Cancer  +919562218048 Edappal
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  4. Praveen Kumar VL

    I am Praveen 33 yrs old. I had undergone surgery on August 2016 for mucoepidermoid carcinoma at right parotid gland. After the surgery I had undergone radiotherapy for 33 cycles. Then after 3 months post radiation, CT scan, PET CT and MRI scan was done. During that time it was found the tumor has grown much more and in different places as well. So the doctor suggested to undergo another radical surgery this time to remove the tumor. I underwent surgery for the second time on 28th of February 2017. Now the pathology reports says still the tumor is not removed completely and the tumor grade is high grade. I need help in getting treatment through Ayurveda for this problem. They are suggesting 6 chemotherapy cycles without any clarify on clearing the cancer cells. No after recent PET CT scan it has spread to other areas of the body as well. Please suggest if any treatment is available for this disease.

  5. Hi, i am an advance liver cancer patient in UK, i am wondering if there is anything that can be done.

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