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The cause for cancer is still unknown | Mohanan Vaidyar

kid after chemo

We are so familiar with modern medical science and we depend and believe it a lot, but what about cancer? Does medical science have a solution for cancer? The answer is a big ‘no’. They are absolutely helpless about this ...

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Mohanan Vaidyar Revealing his Treatment Secrets

mohanan vaidyar photo

Once again Mohanan Vaidyar is making us understand that his open mind is the secret behind his success. That is why he is now going to reveal the secrets behind his treatment. Yes, he is going to reveal the contents ...

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Indian beech tree | Pong | Ung

Almost all parts of Indian beech tree is used for medicinal purposes. The liquor resulting from concentrating the essence of a bark of ung by boiling is used as a medicinal drink in Indonesia. Its twigs were used as tooth brush in ...

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Indian heliotrope | Thekkada | Heliotropium indicum Plant

Indian heliotrope (Heliotropium indicum) is an erect, branched plant that can grow up-to a height of about 13 to 55 cm Family: Boraginaceae English Indian heliotrope Malayalam thekkada / thelkada Tamil tetkotukki Sanskrit chanchuphala Hindi hathajori Bengali hatisura Marathi bhurundi ...

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Effective Natural medicine to cure Headache and Fluid Collection in Head

photo of stinging nettle cleome viscosa organic coconut oil

Before taking any medicine for any disease, self-evaluation about what you are eating is good. Our life style and what we eat determines our health, it is the main reason for every disease. There is no need of any treatment ...

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Why should we avoid Chemotherapy | Mohanan Vaidyar

picture of lady without hair

Cancer is not an incurable disease, says Mohanan Vaidyar, to all those who fears cancer. Vidrathi and Arbudam are known in the name cancer and is frightening people. But those two were treated by traditional medics by some simple methods. ...

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Madagascar periwinkle (Catharanthus Roseus)

Madagascar periwinkle (Catharanthus Roseus), nayantara

Madagascar periwinkle is a herb or an evergreen subshrub that grows up to one meter. The leaf is glossy green. This plant always blooms. The flowers are mostly seen in white, purple or violet in colour. It is also seen ...

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Vinegar made from coconut water

natural vinegar from coconut water

What is the need of this vinegar? The vinegar we get from shops is not original. Most of them are not natural. They are synthetically produced. Even if it is written as ‘natural’ on the bottle, it is difficult to ...

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Heart Block can be cured without Angiogram and Angioplasty | Natural Ayurvedic Medicine revealed

Heart block cure without operation

The first thing to be changed is our life style and food habit. We have become so modern. We are undervaluing our tradition and going behind modernism. This medicine will be useful only if you go back to our tradition ...

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What is Heart Block, how it happens? Danger in Angiogram.

man with chest pain

Heart Block is today’s one of the most common disease. We only search for the reason and treatment when we are affected by it. But, Mohanan Vaidyar says that there is nothing to worry about this disease. He explains the ...

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