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Life Changing Fever | Some true facts about fever

kid with fever

I thought of writing about fever as its fever time and everybody is afraid of fever. How can a fever change one’s life, is it possible? Of course it is possible. I’m not telling this by fearing the fever or ...

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Natural Ayurvedic medicine to cure fever by Mohanan Vaidyar


Its rainy season and after all its fever time, so I thought of including some tips to cure fever with natural herbs available in your surroundings. This tip was given by Mohanan Vaidyar. Fever, the refining process. According to Vaidyar, ...

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Attention Please, Cancer patients, Cancer can be cured!!!

pappaya leaf

Before confirming that you are a cancer patient or affected by any other disease make sure that you have checked in at least ten different labs. Then you decide whether you are affected by that disease or not. We all ...

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Ayurvedic medicines are dangerous than Allopathic medicines. But why?

Ayurveda dangerous than Allopathy, But Why

Do not take ayurvedic medicine even if you take allopathic medicine. Strange, isn’t it?  You might be thinking why I am saying like this. Everyone knows that allopathic medicines have side effects, but at the same time everyone blindly believes ...

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Iron tablets attracted by Magnet | Mohanan Vaidyar filed a request to Chief Minister Oommen Chandy to ban these tablets

Ommen Chandy inspecting iron folic tablets

Mohanan Vaidyar met Honorable Chief Minister with the same motive as he met Mr. V. S, the ex-chief minister. Vaidyar made C M realize the side effects of iron tablets even if it is not attracted by magnet. Related to ...

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The Real Facts About Asafoetida, How they are cheating public?

fake asafoetida available in indian markerts

The Asafoetida in your hand is not original asafoetida.  It actually contains gum (gum arabic) and maida. It is written on the packet itself. It contains less than 10% of asafetida. Also the flavor of asafoetida is added in it. ...

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The benefit of eating food in Banana Leaf | Kerala Traditional Food | EPISODE # 5


In this post you can see some custom that were followed by keralites earlier. Our former generation had a clear concept about How to eat food, When to eat food and What to eat. Let us see how it was. ...

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Is iron tablets necessary for school children? Side effects of iron tablets | Discussion between VS Achuthanandan and Mohanan Vaidyar

Mohanan Vaidyar is getting the result for his efforts. Let’s hope that, here after; the authorities will open their eyes. On 11-02-2013, Monday at 4:30PM Mohanan Vaidyar got an opportunity to meet the ex-chief minister and the opposition party leader ...

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When to eat food and drink Water? | EPISODE # 4

right time to eat

There is no special time to eat and drink. The body asks for food when cells in our body need energy to do work. The body asks the food through hunger. The food we eat is completely digested only when ...

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What powers does our body have?

power to do digest resist normal procedure of human body

The basic job of our body is to receive energy. Energy is got when the food we eat digests. Digestion is the intake of food and ousting of waste. What is the use of energy that our body receives? In ...

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