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Learn Diabetes (sugar), Live without fear | Episode # 3

what is diabetes sugar reason

Why we are eating food, drinking water and breathing? , We should know this before knowing about diabetics (sugar). Body is built by a single cell. Eyes, nose, ears, heart, all these are made by giving a shape to the ...

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What is the relation between mind and body? Episode # 2

human mind relation with body naturopathy

It should be said that mind and body is one. We see, hear, breath etc. all because of mind and not by body. Body cannot see, hear and cannot do anything if the mind or entity is separated from the ...

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Who is Mohanan Vaidyar? Let’s get familiarized

Dear Friends, We believe that you have read our first post. We are moving  into the next step of our aim. We are introducing a personality who loves nature and is living with nature. He is the inspiration of welcometonature. ...

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What happens to the food that we eat?

the digestive system of human body

We have already seen that there is a time for eating food and drinking water. But what happens when the food we eat enter inside our body? It is sure that the food we ate should be digested. Is the ...

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The Perfect Time to Eat and Drink

Right time to eat and drink

Is there a time like that? Everyone likes to eat. Then is there a time to eat too? Of course, because, if someone asks, when we should eat food, then most of the people will say, ‘In time’. Then what ...

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How can we keep our body healthy?

Vomiting Baby immune power of human body

We have seen that body has a structure that corrects itself and protects itself. But do you know when did body get this ability? Let’s take the concern of a new born baby. How do that the child indicates it ...

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The Language Difficult To Understand

The language of our body

You are now familiar with allopathic treatment and allopathic system. You have seen that government itself had said, whether they can cure your disease by treatment or not. The doctors cannot claim that they will cure or cured your disease ...

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Shocking Facts About Allopathy System [English Medicine]


We thought of putting this disclosure as our second post. Because as early you know about this fact, an important idea of ours will be reached to you very easily. We don’t know why this truth is hidden. But that ...

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Our goal is for a better tomorrow

welcome to nature

Man is a wonder, the prominent creation in nature. He is very different from other creatures. The Developed Brain of man is the main reason for the difference. He has the ability ‘to think’, ‘to understand’, and ‘to act’ accordingly. ...

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