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Ayurvedic medicines are dangerous than Allopathic medicines. But why?

Do not take ayurvedic medicine even if you take allopathic medicine. Strange, isn’t it?  You might be thinking why I am saying like this. Everyone knows that allopathic medicines have side effects, but at the same time everyone blindly believes ayurvedic medicines thinking that it will not make any harm. But the fact is that ayurvedic medicines are equally harmful because we will not get the pure form of medicines from the shops and they are adulterated too.

Mohanan Vaidyar wants to open up today’s condition of ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda has become a business. Pure ayurvedic medicines are not available in shops. This post is not meant to hurt or insult a person, an institution or a company. Most of the ayurvedic products claim that they are the most pure. So you must be aware of some real facts.

Ayurveda dangerous than Allopathy, But Why


Unbelievable cost of medicines

The medicines that we get from ayurvedic shops cannot be given by the manufactures in that price.

  • The fact is that Herbs are not available as per the needs.
  • To make a ‘Vilvaadi’ tablet, for 960gm of powered medicine, 14.48 litter of goat’s urine is needed. The whole urine should be mixed with the medicine step by step by grinding. Not in a machine, it should be grinded by hand by stone. Do you know how many days it will take? After all expenses for how many rupees it can be sold?
  • The actual rate of original cow’s ghee is above 900 rupees per kilo, then how ‘kritham’ is sold below 800 rupees? What if black cow’s ghee should be added in ‘kritham’?

Medicines stored in shops does not get spoiled

Have you ever thought why medicines bought from shop do not get spoiled! The food or kashayam that we make in our home does not stay for more than one day. Then how the medicines stored in shops stay for months and years?

  • If kashayam (tincture) made today does not get spoiled the next day then it means that preservatives are added in it.
  • When bacteria, fungus, virus enters into the kashayam, aristam or chyavanaprasha and they grow in it then it is said to be spoiled or sticky. But if the medicines do not spoil, then it means that micro-organisms are not allowed to grow inside the medicines, that means something  is added inside the medicine to kill the micro-organisms and that is known as pesticides and we call it as ‘preservatives’ by pet name.

Ingredients of medicine

Do you believe that ayurvedic medicines contain the purest form of ingredients without any adulteration? If yes, I want to brief some of the ingredients.

  • Coconut oil, mustard oil, gingelly oil, these are necessary to make ayurvedic medicines.   Do you think that these oils are 100% pure?  We are getting flavoured liquid paraffin instead of original oil.
  • If we take asafoetida, even the famous brands give substandard adulterated product instead of pure asafoetida. Common man cannot afford the price of original asafoetida. Then how the medicines that contain asafoetida are available is low price?
  • Is ghee the original one? Even the milk we are getting is not cow’s milk. So there is no need to talk about the original gee of cow.

Our condition after having ayurvedic medicine

What will be our body’s condition, if these medicines enter inside our body?

  • You have seen that the ayurvedic medicine contains pesticides. If these medicines enter inside our body, then it will destroy the bacteria that help our digestion and our digestive system will go down.
  • These ayurvedic medicines cause acidity, ulcer and other stomach problems.
  • By taking these medicines, body parts swells, commonly in old people.
  • These medicines lead to liver cirrhosis.

The ayurvedic medicine manufacturers justify themselves by saying that they are using preservatives that are approved by government and European Union. Then a question arises, beverages shops and pubs are also approved by government.

Now the ayurvedic doctors are also a part of the business. By knowingly or unknowingly the doctors are giving medicines made by these manufacturers to the patients. In other way, we are having ayurvedic doctors who does not even know a ‘kurunthotti’(a herb). It is true that they are having a degree achieved by 3 or 4 years. But is it enough for an Ayurveda doctor?

“Recognize the Good,

Accept the Best”

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  1. its a fact. everybody need money..

  2. How can I get Mohanan Vaidyar contact number?

  3. Celsius Thomas

    what about ayurvedic medicines made by oushadhi ?? their chavanyaprasam doesn’t have any class II preservatives

  4. Mohanan Vaidyar

    എല്ലാം ഒന്നുതന്നെ

  5. This is why ayurveda lost its faith allover the world. these medicines cannot be produced in commercial manner.

  6. paresh chandarana

    Can we have ayurvedic and allopathy medicines at the same time? For the same illness? Pl guide me. Because i have heard that both contradict each other. Kindle let me know – paresh, mumbai

    • No its not good. In allopathy system of treatment, medicines is given to suppress the symptoms of illness using the principle of opposites, while ayurveda(real ayurveda) encourages, rather than suppresses, the body’s reaction to an illness. But nowadays aryurvedic doctors allow their patients to have both medicines at the same time for the same illness!!! That might be because of their ignorance.

  7. Can I have your contact number, I tried your mobile which I got from land phone answering. I couldn’t reach you.
    Rajesh London

  8. how come vegetarian drink goat urine ………

  9. I don’t agree with your views. It is not fair to blame ayurvedic system, just because everything in this era is polluted. Allopathic drugs are inorganic and are much more lethal and toxic for human use. you don’t stop eating food just because rice is polished, you haven’t stopped talking polluted air, the same with water as well then why this blunt bias on Ayurveda. Totally unagreeable

    • I too never agree with his thoughts…
      One cannot condemn a age old system for just basic things…allophathy being a wast market wil never allow other system to develop medicine which provides only symptomatic relief wil never understand taste of healing…when they cannot cure disease from root cause instead of accepting they are just blaming the whole system which is absolutely meaningless and untrue…
      Being a pharmacist myself dealing in allophathy and ayurvedic medicines past 8 years…I hav come across many many instances where ayurveda has been always in lead…so people never believe these false statements stated by false people and just go ahead with ayurveda in your life but as discussed rely on buying reputed ayurvedic company medicines by consulting reputed doctors…thank u and sorry if I hav hearted anyone in anyways..but it is a fact and it can’t be changed…

  10. Firstly you should correct your self.Aasav and aristh never need preservative.Chavyanprash also not need to be preserved if sugar is added in correct amount though that amount mentioned in Grantha is too low but that is not palatable.
    Secondly,for every type of medicine there are methods so that it got self preserving.These are mentioned by few vaidya few decade ago when our vaidya/common people not heard word preservative.There is need to go on depth.
    There are every kind of person and in every field.It is the individual selection whom you select,on which ground.Most of time people select one who is with good name-fame that is not always right.Usually right person have to struggle much more to get acceptance.And if someone is adding presevative for commercial purpose then he is also from social system that itself spoiled to much extent.And if someone is doing correct then he would deserve premium while people not give him genuine margin that obviously high than adultered one.
    Your article is correct in some sense but just read its title.It blames every ayurvedic medicine,vaidyas,granth whose every shlok itself is proof.It is the same language that few of allopathic doctors who have fixed mindset that ONLY I AM RIGHT rather than being broad mind.
    Much more can be said but it is not the place.I just want to say that atleast you think with open mind.

  11. Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from Sinus from last few years, i am trying yoga to cure it, but still suffering.
    Can you please suggest me how to treat sinus problem?

    Thank you and regards.

  12. Anyone please let me know can we take ayurvedic and alopathy medicines simultaneously for sugar patients. Our doctor told it will not harmful if we take after half an hour of using any one of the medicine

  13. To be honest some of the things you said are true, some are not, I have seen many ayurbedic medicines being prepared, and they last good for a month outside of their ideal condition, and i has not got any kind of preservative, while the cost is something to worry about, some (most) ayurbedic doctors give both ayurbedic and allopathy medicine because, they can’t suggest a month for recovery of gastritis, so goving a 20mg panta does no harm, it is light than even some ayurbedic medicines. but if we know how to buy, ayurbed is the best, for noobs, it is easy, do not buy any ayurbedic medicine which has consumable time more than 6 months, get its complement from other companies

  14. Allopathic medicines are toxic chemical and are not accepted by human system.
    And it’s tried to by lever every time when we take.
    But ayurvedic herbs are plant and grown naturally in out eco system and our body is habitual to eats this natural things only.
    So, don’t misguide the people, it’s not good at all.
    BecuBec of ADR so many people are dying and getting more disease with the allopathic meditation.

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