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The cause for cancer is still unknown | Mohanan Vaidyar

We are so familiar with modern medical science and we depend and believe it a lot, but what about cancer? Does medical science have a solution for cancer? The answer is a big ‘no’. They are absolutely helpless about this condition of body because for them cause for cancer is still unknown. But don’t worry; cancer is not a big issue as the modern medical science propagates. They have made cancer as a profitable commercial business. The five star hospitals have undertaken cancer as a way to fill their pockets.

Don’t be afraid of cancer; there is solution.

Cancer is one of the last attempts done by our body to protect it. Many years ago Masters (Aacharyan) had referred about cancer   in their writings. They were familiar with cancer and they viewed and treated this state of body in different manner but not like the way modern medical science is now treating cancer.

In olden days cancer was treated as Muzha, Vidrathi or Arbudam. Without the help of any technology they found that cancer is the aging of cells. Only in 2009 modern science was able to find out this fact, but still they are searching in darkness.

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Growth or Aging?

Modern science is still not sure that whether cancer is ‘a malignant growth of cells’ or ‘the early aging of cells’.  In 2009 three American scientists got Nobel Prize for finding how telomeres stop chromosomes from damaging through the enzyme telomerase. Modern medical science believes that these findings will be very helpful for cancer treatment. If so then what is the basis of treatment that is giving to the cancer patients till now?

Even though there is no basis, modern medical system is not ready to change the treatment for cancer they are following now. They are still giving the same chemotherapy and same radiation.

Modern science has not yet found out the actual reason or actual remedy r cancer. They are cheating common people by inducing wrong treatment for unidentified disease and not actually existing disease.



Misunderstood Disease

Yes, everyone is misunderstanding disease. Every disease is a process that comes to rescue our body or life. But no-one allows that process to be completed because everyone is afraid of diseases and stops it by inducing treatments. Take the case of cancer lumps, it actually protects our body. For the convenient activity of other cells in body, the dead cells are grouped into one part of body and that is known as cancer lumps.

Everyone should realize this. Without understanding body and its process everyone is going behind multistorey hospitals and labs and thus creates all problems.

Only way to escape

Correcting your diet is the only way to escape. What we eat is what we are. If you take good food then there is no need of medicines. Without correcting your diet there is no use of medicines. Everything will turn right if you choose right food.

Go back to kitchen because some simple tips through kitchen can solve all your health problems.

Early Indian strategy was not to commercialize Education, Medicine and Food. When these three were commercialized everything became shattered.


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