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Heart Block can be cured without Angiogram and Angioplasty | Natural Ayurvedic Medicine revealed

The first thing to be changed is our life style and food habit. We have become so modern. We are undervaluing our tradition and going behind modernism. This medicine will be useful only if you go back to our tradition and include organic food in your daily life, says Mohanan Vaidyar.

What we eat is the reason for every disease. So smell out what you are eating and eat only good. The food we eat shows what we are. That means if the input is correct automatically the output will be correct.

Avoid these food items from your daily life.

  • Avoid foods that contains trans-fat.
  • Avoid all type of fast food.
  • All types of soft drinks should be avoided because they contain preservatives and essence.
  • Avoid artificial taste-makers and foods that are made up using it.
  • Iodized salt should be avoided.
  • Avoid modern medicine that is harmful to our body. Aloppathy medicines cannot cure any disease instead it increases the disease by hiding the actual symptoms. But there is remedy for every disease in nature.

Heart block cure without operation

The natural medicine to cure Heart Block

  • The first medicine is organic food. All your food items should be organic from now onwards. Completely avoid food that contains harmful chemicals and don’t eat from outside.
  • Small lemon extract, garlic extract, moringa bark extract (the bark should be thick, if its roots bark then it’s very good), ginger extract, take extracts (juice) of these separately in same quantity, then take honey and vinegar of toddy or vinegar of coconut water in same quantity. If 50 ml. take all six items in 50 ml. then mix together. Drink 25 ml. twice a day before food. For the first two, three days mix same amount of water to the mix and drink it after that drink the mix without adding water. Continue for 21 days or 41 days.

This medicine is good for heart block, varicose, piles, urinary stone, cholesterol, anemia, hemoglobin, tuberculosis (MTB or TB), platelet decrease, platelet increase and fat assimilation. Here, vinegar acts as a medium to reach the medicine to the blood immediately, like spirit in Homeo medicine. Ginger and garlic helps in digestion, ginger removes the toxins in body, lemon increases the level of calcium, moringa bark will help to cure anemia and honey increases immunity power.



  • Drinking lemon juice will help to cure heart block because lemon dissolves fat that causes block. Drink lemon juice without adding sugar or salt, just add water and drink.
  • Salt is alkali, so it will also help in curing heart block, but make sure that the salt is not iodized. Iodized salts are harmful to health. There are lots of other salts rather than iodized salt. Try to use that in your daily life. Consuming one gram salt each day for ten days will help in curing block.

Medicines to cure blood pressure (BP) and cholesterol.

  • The leaf of Madagascar periwinkle (Catharanthus) will help to reduce cholesterol. Take 21 leaves of Madagascar periwinkle grind it and have it in morning and evening. Remember to take a pinch of sugar when you eat the leaves because it will reduce the level of sugar in blood.
  • Make a curry of moringa leaves and garlic and have it. It is good for BP.
  • When banana blossom (flower) is separated from its plantain, a liquid will come. Drinking that liquid will reduce your blood pressure. You can continue drinking for 7 to 11 days.
  • Drinking 60 ml. of plantain stem juice (take the juice of only small banana) thrice a day will reduce your BP.
  • Roast the nutmeg then grind ¾ of it, mix with honey and have it to reduce blood pressure.

Along with this add original cinnamon, pepper, dried ginger, long pepper, fennel seeds, tamarind and gambooge in your daily, then diseases will not attack you easily, says Vaidyar.

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  1. is morninga bark compulsary to cure heart block, if it is not available what is the alternative to use.

    • Yes Moringa bark or its root’s bark is compulsory. Thank you for your comment, have a great day.

      • anantharaman.j

        Hi mohanan sir..I have already sent you a note
        I am expecting a reply from you eagerly…my mother is suffering from kidney disease and now the creatin level is 3.8 to 4 for the past 3 months and because of that there is some amount of fluid accumulated in lungs. Due to which she gets breathing problem and now doctors say she is also having block in heart. They wanted to do angiogram and I am postponing it after reading your article. Please save my mom. I have read your article about heart block and I would request you to suggest what has to be done for her kidneys to improve and heart blocks at the same time. Please reply as I have postponed for 4 days from today.

      • Whether readymade solution is available ?

  2. Does people took this from your place? Do you have any evedance for your claim(like people cure).

    The reason I am asking is one of my Brother-in-Law has mild block in RCA. Do you give treatment to him if I bring him there?

    • Dear Mohan L
      You will get clarification if you contact Mohanan Vaidyar. His contact number is 0478-2822828; you can call him between 5.30 am to 7.30 am.

  3. I live in london uk I have right artery blocked and left artery narrow can you send me mooringabark as its not available here

  4. Dear Sir,
    I live in Bangladesh. Moringa bark may be available here but I do not know it, neither I know its Bengali name. Will you kindly try to introduce it to me in any way so that I can find it here for it is being so important .Regards.
    M. Shamsuz Zaman

  5. you have any medicine of combination for heart blockage treatment

    thanks & regards

  6. Sir i want to know that do u also treat aorta stenosis

  7. can i take finely chopped garlic and moringa bark as a combination of garlic and lemon extract with coconut water and honey.

  8. Please also watch this video on a program called ‘Kandathum Kettathum’ on Asianet – Malayalam TV Channel. The program is about a vaidyar (ayurvedic practitioner ) namely Panniyod Sukumaran Vaidyar. He treats his patients with heart blocks with his secret medicine free of cost. He does not demand even the cost of the medicine ie only Rs.2500/- for the three months treatment. He is practising in his Ayurveda Ashram located at Panniyod, Near Kattakkada in Trivandrum district, Kerala, India.


  9. ഹൃദയ വാല്‍വ് ചുങ്ങിയത് ഒപെരറ്റ് ചെയ്യാതെ സുഖപ്പെടുത്താന്‍ എന്ത്‌ ചികിത്സയാണ് ചെയ്യേണ്ടത്……….

  10. my dad is suffer from heart block, and also suffering from diabities..using of honey means is there is any problem for him please reply me

    • patien name : Kabari Manna

      Respected Mohanan vaidyar, Sir,
      My sister-in-law age 40 yr.suffering heart problem for quite long time, long time back she had baloon surgery, but recently she was in applo chenni,but respected doctor said three nos. of valve blocked. they don’t take risk to operate her, at this point please help us,what should we do? please!!
      Regards, Tusar

    • maringa barks means amalatas in Hindi?

  11. can we take this along with tablets suggested by doctor like ecosprin 150, amaloze 80 etc

  12. I am Rajib also a patient of 85% coronary artery block, i also take your remedy sir, so can i cured totally?

  13. can I mix the six ingrediants for once and drink for 41 days without boiling.inform if honey is not harmful since I am a diabetic

  14. Sir, I am highly appreciative of the article. I have the tree, white flowers, in my house. How to use it. I use the flowers as a curry with some curd added to it (like Rassam). I have not used leaves. Thanks.

  15. Hi I gave my mother (age 50) this medicine, however she has itching all over her body, any remedy for that.

  16. anantharaman.j

    Hi sir I have already left a note and waiting for response. My mother is having kidney disease and her creatinine level is 4. She is also having heart block as said by cardiologist. But I have not done angiogram so far and I am postponing it. I saw ur medicine for heart block. My only doubt is if it can be used for kidney patient. Also please suggest some medicine to cure her kidney problems. Please suggest I will be greatful to you



    sir kindly tell me you have a ready to use this ayurved medicine tell me

  18. i have medicine ready of all these above extracts if anybody want contact me at buntymehta999@gmail .com cure your heart problems naturally

  19. A very potent and effective herbal tablet of Arjuna has been developed by an Indian company and is for sale. They will even deliver to your doorstep. this medicine has shown to completely clear blockages in many people allowing them to evade surgery. there are testimonials of these people on the website. http://www.junaid-sr.com . it works very fast compared to anything else in the market and has none of the harmful side effects as compared to allopathy. it completely reverses the process that causes blockages. visit the website for more information how it works.

  20. Sir i had heart attack one block there
    how can i contact you? moses from chennai.

  21. Sir our doctor advised my mother for angiogram as she is having pacemaker is it suggestable for the angiogram as my mother is 69 now

  22. Sir, can this medicine mixture be prepared once and stored in refrigerator for daily use or should it be prepared fresh daily? I’m 36 yr old & diabetic & undergone angioplasty with stenting to RCA with 99% block. 3 other major blocks are untreated.

  23. hi my brother is a patient 41 years old he paining in chest we meet to dr he told for angiography after than he told for balloon angioplasty with stent in emergancy for one veins and for two other vein dr told for buy pass surgery. after that we do balloon angioplasty with stent immidiatelly .just one week before after than can i give this medicine to my brotherplease reply as soon as possible

  24. One of my relative having a block of 73 percent.I have decided to prepare these combinations carefully as described and given to him for 48 days with food restrictions.
    honestly, it works he doesn’t feel the pain and we went for a checkup.its really a miracle for me to see the results.percentages are really down to 47 and it surprises doctor.
    i started preparing this combination and selling in a reasonable prices to the people who cannot afford of preparing it.

    • Pls contact me I would like to talk to you reg this medicine. My father is feeling pain some times. I would be thankful if you contact me as soon as possible. Dr. Suggest for angio but I am not interested tried to contact vaidhyar but can’t reach him. I am looking forward for ur call.
      91 9677289740

    • Are you sure that this medicine works

    • Plz send it to me.. I am physically challenged

    • Hi ,my self Elisha , can I have ur contact no ? or plz call me at

    • Hi Archana,

      Please send me the medicine you prepared, as I am so needy for that.please share your mobile number and price soon.




    • I am in Coimbatore and in need of this preparation for my dad. How can I get this from you. Also wanted to ask, whether this preparation can be preserved for 41 days or do we have to prepare every time.

    • dear archana, please let me know where and how to get this preparation that you are doing and selling as i am having some heart block problems and i dont have enough money to go for an angioplast. you can either write to me at franc5mraj@yahoo.com or contact me or send a message to 8549945998 at the earliest please treat this as urgent thanking you in anticipation

    • Can you pl give your contact details to my mail id rangarao55@gmail.com

    • Dharam singh rajput

      Hi arcahan as per ur explanation if it really works so please help today my father diagnose heart blokages in the angiography test so please tell me how can i reach u for this medicine its very urgent.

    • Dear Ms. Senthil,
      How can I source this preparation. I’am based in Blore.

    • Can you pl give your contact no. To buy medicine for my self.

    • Sir I need one bottle. Please. Call me 9901131344

    • Hi Archana, Can I have your contact number please? Or give a miss call to my mobile +97466498898 – Best regards Prasanth

    • Hi,
      I would like to have the same medicine as my father is suffering from blokage as confirmed by doctor .Pls help .andvhiw can I reach you .my mobile number is 08527998399.
      Thanks Jitender

    • Hello ma’am

      Can u help mi how to prepare this combination..because my dad 80 percent blockage ..dr.said operation…

    • Hello, I am also having the agina problem…..can u give ur contact no….

    • Hello Archana Senthil .. would like to buy it ..could you please contact me at 9600050804 and i am venkat from chennai .. having 70% block recently underwent angioplasty .looking forward for your call Thanks verymuch

    • can you please tell how to buy this combination from you?

    • Pl give your address in Chennai . I am suffering a lot by heart problems

    • Hi Archana,

      I am in need of such medicine for my father. Can you please send it to me or tell me where to buy quickly. My contact no. is 9650781064.


    • Hi,

      Archana my dad having a block of 80%,and 3 blocks ,can you please send it to me or tell me from where ill get it…

    • Hello sir my mom have 3 heart blocks(one is 85,2nd 75 and 3rd 65) doctor gave med only fr 7 days and go fr stent sir please tell can we start this remedy with med.both we can continue fr 21 days.( Med and remedy ).it is nessesary to boil or take all directrly(ginger and all).

      • Sir, u can certainly go with natural extracts and see whether body condition is improved. U need to boil the extracts and then use
        call me if the blocks are removed

    • For Ms Archana and Vaid Mohanlal. Do you supply the medicines in prepared form as I don’t have the means to make the preparation on daily basis. If so kindly provide your contact.

    • I need a bottle of this medicine.My contact no is 9562108333.

    • Dear sir, can you provide me this medicine plzz i am also getting pain in heart , idont know why it is happening i want to start this medicine kindly suggest plzzz

    • Mam I want this medecine. Can I know cost for the same please ?

  25. please provide the address of mohanan vaider and how can we mwwt him?

  26. Can i get the above medicine prepared

  27. My mum has severe heart condition due to blockage and doctors cannot do a surgery due to age. Does the drink really help? if so, I want to give it to her to try.

  28. Hi Archana Senthil,

    I don’t get the ingredients mentioned above and unable to prepare on my own, please let me know your contact number or email id so that I can contact you to buy medicine.

  29. Can I contact Sri Mohan Vaidyarthrough e mail? May I get his mail id?

  30. Hi sir can I have your number pls or sand me madicen

  31. Can abana tablet himalaya. Clear heart blokeg

  32. Can abana tablet himalaya. Clear heart blokeg

  33. I am diabetic, can I use honey in mixture made of lemon ,ginger,garlic & vinegar (cidar apple)please suggest.

  34. I need the prepared medicine since unable to get the ingredients here. so let me know how can I contact you.

  35. I leave in Delhi. Is Moringa bark available in near by?

  36. I am from Bombay. Should these juices are to be mixed and boiled in water? Can’t find moringa bark here. Can we get pre mixed combination of this recipe directly from you?

  37. My has a 80% block , Doctor sagest him for by pass but when I got your suggestion then apply for my father. He is feeling good but how many day to continue ?

  38. Hello , My Father One week ago faced heart attack ..His Reports Says ..He has 90% blockage and 70% blockage …..Doctors suggesting angioplasic.

    Suggest me mentioned medicine will work also after heart attack?

  39. Hi Doctor,

    I’m not sure i have heart blockage or not…but i have breathing trouble get some unconsciousness in the fraction of second also got sweating and lots of time having chest pain and neck pain…

    I feel this is kind of symptoms of heart disease..

    Can i have this medicine?

    Is it create any impact ?or anyone can have this medicine without the heart blockage?

    Please guide me..

    Raju S.

  40. Harini.mku@gmail.com


    My father is having same heart congestion issue. Is there any in-patient treatment is available at your place. Thanks.

  41. im a victim of heart blocks please help me to buy the home made preparations from archana senthil who prepares and sells this heart block home made medicines, please send me a message as to how and when to get this medicine at the earliest thanks

  42. Sir, whenever I try to contact Shri Mohanan Vaidyar I get the msg he wont consult anyone. Pls provide his alternate number. I need his valuable advise for some diseases. Kindly help me!

  43. Will the other medicines that has been prescribed by the doctor is still needed to be consumed when i will start giving this combination of this medicine?

    Please reply ASAP.

  44. Sir I want to know that this Heart block Medicine /we can take it in summer or winter?

  45. It is amazing and wonderful i have tried and continuing

    • I’m from Pakistan and I hope you don’t us to die lol but just a quick question?

      Is it effective? And what tests should we do to see its effectiveness?

  46. sunil kumar e.r


    I have suffering from dialated cardiomayopathy and ef is 27%. is there any effective remedy for that.

  47. My father is diabetic patient.so can he take honey?

  48. Please let me know if there is any combination of all as mentioned and if the patient suffering with sugar .she/he might have honey.
    And He/she suppose to have this with doctor’s medicine like Ecosprin n all.

  49. Very informative article. thank you for sharing such useful info.

  50. Hi sir
    My name is Rafeek only 24 age
    I don’t how to contact with you
    This My mobile number please contact with me. +966 501937291

  51. Hello sir..my dad is some blockage .dr.said syrgery …so plz help mii..hw can treat the this situation

  52. I had my anjoplasty and dr. Advise me to take ecosprin 150mg and pan 40 for life

    Now due to this both medicine there is lot of side effects in my body

    So how can we avoid such medicine

  53. I know about the ayurvedic medicine Myocure. It is mainly used for removing blockages. This ayurvedic medicine contains several clinically researched ingredients that help remove the blockages and being ayurvedic, it has no side effects.

  54. Hi , Am prakash 9911907504 one of my close relative is advised to go for angioplasty ,Am personally against it Can anyone benifited by this share the contact details .


  55. Hello dr,
    I am a primary pulmonary arterial hypertension( PAH ) patient. Do you have cure for this disease?

  56. Nanda Kishore Das

    I have 3 Heart blocks ( one is 95% and other two are slightly less) . Kindly advise me for your treatment as I Have no money for operation.

  57. I am 43 years old & I have 2 heart blocks ( 80 % ) & angioplast has done last year, I want to cure , sir kindly advice me for your treatment & how can I get your medicine

    • praveen kumar k

      Supeb sir. Just going to start frm tmrw mrg fr my aunt. Just bfr doctor inform me 2 tht she has 3 blocks n hrt . Past 3 days i,sarted to walking 45mnts and pranayama for 15 mnts . Frm tmrw i add this medical term. Taking has challenge without going to hospatial need to cure the blocks. With god bless k praveen kumar Fitness Trainer ( Ram’s fitness studio Ammoor Vellore dist Tn ) 9787722695

  58. My father got block in his heart 3 years ago and stent(angioplast) is placed in his artery.doctor prescribed him to take medicines lifelong.Now is it safe to stop the medications???

  59. Now a days we can’t see any videos on you-tube and this website, please upload great videos

  60. Hello sir my mom have 3 heart blocks(one is 85,2nd 75 and 3rd 65) doctor gave med only fr 7 days and go fr stent sir please tell can we start this remedy with med.both we can continue fr 21 days.( Med and remedy ).it is nessesary to boil or take all directrly(ginger and all).

  61. Hello sir my mom have 3 heart blocks(one is 85,2nd 75 and 3rd 65) doctor gave med only fr 7 days and go fr stent sir please tell can we start this remedy with med.both we can continue fr 21 days.( Med and remedy ).it is nessesary to boil or take all directrly(ginger and all).how we understand blockage is reduced.

  62. Unani and ayurwedic medicine available through courier
    For any country
    Contact me
    I am allopathic pharmacist
    But instead in alternative medicine .I am happy to serve people with natures.

    You can ask and mail regard any unani and Aurvedha product pls mail me

    I am helping people individually. Medicine cost and courier service must pay advance . It’s only with iman trust Allah I am doing

  63. Angioplasty is recommended they say blockage of veins is upto 70 percentage age just 32 years male what to do please help we don’t wanna go for angioplasty but then we don’t want everyday to be a question mark also

  64. Sir
    How to get morning bark
    in which medical store as I am residing at

  65. Hi My husband had a By pass surgery on the month of July 2017 , he is just 27 year old. he also got sugar . Can you suggest me something so that i can keep him healthy.

  66. Sir…I am 46 y old have three artries blockage 80%,70%,70%.I want to take medicine for removing the blockages.my cont no – 8445746600
    And I want to take advice and meet Dr Mohanan Vaidyar ji.Please give me propar address and contact no also. Thanks

  67. Thanks for sharing the useful information. It is really a great blog. Also you can know more about Ayurveda on Panchkarma Treatments.

  68. Hi sir, i need ur address regarding heart block treatment sir, i come direct, thank u,Priya

  69. Thanks to my father who shared with me concerning this blog, this blog is genuinely awesome.

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