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How can we keep our body healthy?

We have seen that body has a structure that corrects itself and protects itself. But do you know when did body get this ability?

Let’s take the concern of a new born baby. How do that the child indicates it hunger and thirst to us, Of course by crying. Breast-milk or water is given to that infant. If breast milk is not available, cow’s milk is given. Baby stops crying when his thirst or hunger is finished. But the cow’s-milk given was spoiled milk. Without knowing this, we give that milk to the child. Now, how does the child’s body react?

Vomiting Baby immune power of human bodyBody will not allow anything harmful to get inside. Look at that child, he drinks the milk, after some time, he will start vomiting. The spoiled milk is absolutely eliminated and totally repelled by baby’s body. Does that two three days old child have the power to protect itself? Does anyone taught the baby to do like this? Which doctor told the child’s body to react like this?

No one should teach the body anything. Body knows what is right. This is a lesson for us. We should study from the child’s body.

Some kind of trouble is caused by sneezing. Is these troubles big or the disease caused by the dust is big? Decision is taken by body. Body prevail the decision without any delay.

Is the stomach pain, burn in mouth and chest caused by vomiting is big or the trouble caused to body by the spoiled milk is big? Body takes the decision and suddenly vomits the spoiled milk.

Body takes the right decision and implements it immediately. Body is not ready to act intelligently according to the occasion or place because it is the duty of wisdom to be with body and not the duty of body to fall to wisdom.

Body administers its duty as a sneeze against dust or vomiting against spoiled milk. This is the sign of a healthy body.

Health is resistance power. The body without resistance power is like a dead. We smell out these resistance and reactions as disease.

So you understand healthy body as disease, just think. Isn’t it superstition? We have a lot of scientific superstitions like this. These superstitions stop us from understanding our body’s nature.

We can understand the immaculate activity of nature from each performance of our body. We have seen that how body reacts if we stop or blemish this immaculate activity with our findings or knowledge.

If spoiled food is entered inside body, it is repelled as vomit. We stop this vomiting by using tablets or by other methods. Actually what is happening then? We are stopping the spoiled food inside our body without allowing it to go outside.

But watch the body; it will not fall to our knowledge. The spoiled food which gets into the stomach through the gut is immediately repelled by getting into the colon through small intestine. How is it repelled? By loose motion. The spoiled food which should have gone easily by vomiting was stopped inside body. So it went barely as loose motion. What should we learn from this? The body will not receive anything which will make harm to it at any condition but it will repel.

Anything which is repelled by body is not needed for body and it is blemish for body. It is repelled for the benefit of body. Allowing this to repel is the way to be healthy. If we allow the body procedures to proceed by itself, we can protect our body from diseases.

‘Morbidity comes through the knowledge that is unyielding the immaculate procedures of body’.

When a body comes out of foetus, it is born with knowledge of maintaining its health. The nature gives the knowledge about the things that will make harm to it and how to react against it.

Uphold, agree and be with the procedures of our body, you can be healthy.

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