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Indian heliotrope | Thekkada | Heliotropium indicum Plant

Indian heliotrope (Heliotropium indicum) is an erect, branched plant that can grow up-to a height of about 13 to 55 cm

Family: Boraginaceae


English Indian heliotrope
Malayalam thekkada / thelkada
Tamil tetkotukki
Sanskrit chanchuphala
Hindi hathajori
Bengali hatisura
Marathi bhurundi
Telugu naga danti

The leaves of Indian heliotrope are traditionally boiled in water and taken as a tea or bath for skin conditions including rash, papules, pustules, measles and chicken pox,studies are also done for its anti-cancer effects in human. In many countries it is used as a local application for ulcers, diabetes, wounds, sores, gum boils,conjunctivitis and skin affections.Essence (decoction) of leaves is used in urticaria,gonorrhea and fevers; that of root in coughs.The whole plant extract is used as a remedy to  scorpion bite by many tribals
In Indonesia  a drink is made by soaking the leaves of a plant and its used to soothe mouth sprue. In Malaysia, a paste of the plant is used to reduce urination, to counteract putrefaction, to treat pyoderma and ringworm infection, and to soothe irritated skin.
The plant is used to combat fever, to soothe inflammation, to treat orchit, pneumonia and pulmonary abscesses, to heal ulcers and to assuage liver discomfort.The seeds are used to promote digestion and the leaves are used to treat cholera, malaria, to counteract putrefaction and to heal wounds.

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