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Is iron tablets necessary for school children? Side effects of iron tablets | Discussion between VS Achuthanandan and Mohanan Vaidyar

Mohanan Vaidyar is getting the result for his efforts. Let’s hope that, here after; the authorities will open their eyes.

On 11-02-2013, Monday at 4:30PM Mohanan Vaidyar got an opportunity to meet the ex-chief minister and the opposition party leader Mr. VS Achuthanandan.

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You might have known through the press and other Medias that the government is going to dispense a project to eliminate the anemia in children by giving iron tablets to the school children in aegis with health department. This news is the base of this meeting.

Almost all the iron tablets that are available in market are filled with original iron powder. Mohanan Vaidyar made VS realize this. Vaidyar also pointed the danger in giving these tablets to our children and pregnant women.

Even in normal case, if the iron content exceeds in body, then problems like

  • Stomach swelling and pain
  • Taste of metal in mouth
  • Teeth color changes
  • Nausea
  • Affects liver, heart and pancreas
  • Weakens the nerves
  • Constipation
  • All the diseases in accord with constipation

Vaidyar acquainted all these to VS.

The relevant part of the discussion was Vaidyar’s demonstration of how anemia could be eliminated effortlessly

  • To eliminate anemia just eat Moringa, Spinach, or gooseberry that is cultivated organically.
  • Instead of giving iron tablets to school children grant them a Cheena Chatti(made of cast iron) and let them cook in that, anemia will be eliminated surely.
  • Here with, all the adulterated food products should be withdrawn from the market. Then anemia and almost all diseases will be cured independently

All these data were acquainting to VS and he recognized that everything is right.

Instantly,   V S gave instruction to take adequate action against this school project.  This gave us strength and motivation for our continuous proceedings along with vaidyar.


The news came on The Times Of India  on 14-02-2013 after this.

SHRAVASTI: Even after the prohibiting the distribution of iron tablets at higher primary school Saktupur and Dhuswa, the tablets were administered to children on Tuesday. 11 more children fell sick after consuming those tablets and were admitted at community health center (CHC) Bhinga. The director of family welfare reached the spot and inquired about the case. The iron tablets are being distributed under health guarantee scheme.

It may be noted that 50 children had fallen sick at higher primary school Sonoda on Monday after consuming the iron tablets and the district magistrate Shubra Saxena prohibited its distribution but still they were administered to children at higher primary school Dhuswa and Hariharpurrani of Gilaula on Tuesday. As a result, 11 children got sick after consuming the tablets and were admitted at CHC Bhinga.

Click here for the  link to The Times Of India article



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  1. it depends the situation of the child,,if it is necessarily,why not…smtimes it needs coz smtimes children have problem in their blood since birth,lack of iron (sea foods) so smtimes it falls in goiter and it falls in anemia(more blood cells than red cells)…thats only fr my head thoughts,,my mistakes is under your CORRECTIONS…

  2. uhuu,,,what i mean is ..more white blood cells than red blood cells….(sorry) i skip that word..

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