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Learn Diabetes (sugar), Live without fear | Episode # 3

Why we are eating food, drinking water and breathing? , We should know this before knowing about diabetics (sugar). Body is built by a single cell. Eyes, nose, ears, heart, all these are made by giving a shape to the cells. The base of everything is cell. For these cells to grow, to crumble, to new make cells, to work, for disease resistance power, to make hormones, for everything energy is needed. This energy is got through food, water and air. That is why food is that much important. The food is the base. The second place is for food after body (unconscious mind).

what is diabetes sugar reasonEarlier, we must not have thought about the food this much. Because the food that we got was pure, it was natural, it was without adulteration. But today’s condition is not like that. Everything is adulterated, contains pesticides and poisons, injected by hormone, even furadan is added. We are getting these foods. What will be our condition if we eat these types of food?

Everything that we eat is converted to glucose by our body. After converting the food into glucose, it is detected by pancreas. That is, pancreas acts as a quality controller. The insulin is given to that good glucose which is detected and passed by the pancreas. The cell accepts the glucose, only if insulin is given to it. But the pancreas gives insulin only if the glucose is good. To get good glucose, good food should be eaten. The bad food or the bad glucose is rejected by the pancreas and the insulin is not given to it. Thus the body becomes diabetic (sugar patient).

Pancreas has the ability to produce 1 litre 700 ml of insulin a day. A perfect healthy man needs only 60 to 90 ml of insulin per day. So, diabetes is not caused by the deficiency of insulin in our body. The problem is not with our body but with our food. The body (unconscious mind) will not allow the bad glucose (that was not given insulin) to travel through the blood and make the blood impure. Immediately, the body (unconscious mind) gives instructions to the kidney to filter the bad glucose and eliminate it from the body.  That is why diabetic patients urinate 3 – 4 times at night.

Body needs energy, so it again asks for food. But again we are giving impure food. Troubles and scare is occurred because we are not changing the food. So we consult a doctor. Doctor asks a lab technician to examine the blood. What is found when the blood is examined? It is detected that, how many pancreas rejected glucose is there!!! It may be above 200 or something. By seeing this doctor gives medicine. What happens when we take the medicines? Actually, the medicine is compelling the pancreas to give insulin to the rejected glucose and make it pass. So insulin is given by compelling the pancreas and the cell is forced to accept the bad glucose. When the cell accepts the bad glucose necessarily, oxidation and hydrogenation cannot be done, wastes cannot be eliminated and glucose cannot be crumbled to make energy. So, that cell becomes weak.  Blood circulation decreases. It quickly affects the bottom of legs and hands and swells. But we continue to take the tablets or inject insulin. No one thinks about the food or changes the food. Finally body makes wounds on toe (fingers on legs) and tries to eliminate the waste. We continue to take tablets or insulin even if the condition is to cut our legs. But till now the food is same. Change your thoughts, time has come.

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  1. i feel like to live without fear about diseases. any body can give me mohan vaidayr’s address. thanks jai

    • Hai Jai, Enjoy Your Life…

      Mohanan Vaidyar
      Bindu Nivas
      Maruthorvattom P O

      Ph: 9846184868
      call him b/w 6 – 8 in morning and 6 – 9:30 in evening

  2. sir u have explained the real cause of almost all the sickness .

    mathews plc welwisher no 9495241157

  3. Shaheer Shanfeer

    This is shaheer's brother

  4. With same food habits in a family, one gets diabetes others not why ?

  5. with same food habits in a family, why one get diabetes and others not ?

  6. Sajeer T M Kambalakkad

    sir i want your contact numbar

  7. Sir my mother is suffering from kidney disease for last one year and her creatin level is 3.9 now and urea around 150. Please suggest the natural remedy to come out of this. Many doctors say it is permanent damage. But I dont believe it. I am waiting for your response..

    • Please don’t get confused or worried about the levels, our body has the power to heal itself. follow the language of our body, eat ONLY when you feel huger and drink water ONLY when you feel thirst, try to have food before sunset. ALWAYS LISTEN these languages of our body, especially during illness. Medicines contains chemicals, that will further damage kidneys.

      • Hi sir thanks a lot I understand. Is there anything in nature that helps to heal kidneys faster ..I mean any herbs or vegetables… Pls advice

  8. sir my father diabetic patient since 2001. now he is lost vision both eyes. doctor telling that glaucoma. anything medicine for that .Please reply me

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