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Life Changing Fever | Some true facts about fever

I thought of writing about fever as its fever time and everybody is afraid of fever. How can a fever change one’s life, is it possible? Of course it is possible. I’m not telling this by fearing the fever or seeing its intensity or hearing its variety names, but it’s a fact that we all are facing.

Everybody Hates Fever

Have you ever thought about fever besides cursing it or hating it or fearing it? Fever is like a nuisance, a loss-making process. Children cannot go to school, people cannot go to their work places, housewives cannot do their works, and all these makes lose. So the fever should be eliminated as soon as possible, so that it will not make any loss. Please spent some time to read this post and then decide is fever is fever a hero or a villain?

The way the disease comes

We have seen that our body always does correct, it only eliminates the wastes and keep the useful cells safe, it takes rebirth and becomes new even if we act against its nature and makes difficulties to it. Then from where and how all these diseases come?  It’s because of our interference. That means diseases occur when we act against our body without understanding its nature or language. Let us see how it happens.

Life Changing Fever

The beginning of every disease is fever. Fever is a signal, it is a protector. We just interfere into this fever and make it a big problem. I believe that everyone must have affected by fever or cold at least once in life. Your future health is depended on how you deal with that fever. One fever is enough to change a life!


kid with fever

Fever is neither a disease nor a symptom but it’s a way

Let us take a person who is healthy. Just think that he is continuously eating food without considering his hunger or digestion. He is eating the food without any hunger. What will happen if he continues this? It is sure that wastes will accumulate in body. If this process continues then wastes will heap inside the body and will affect important doings of his body.

Body will never allow that. So it will forcibly take action. Body is aware that if it does not eliminate the wastes then it is very harmful, so it starts to eliminate wastes.

To remove wastes from body, it needs a temperature that is higher than normal body temperature. So to remove waste settled in an organ of body, it raises the temperature of whole body and makes it fever.

Now just think, is fever a disease or a way to eliminate wastes from body?

Energy changes made by fever

We have seen that the energy body gets from air, water and food is utilized evenly for three powers.

Let us imagine that our body gets 99% of energy. When divided equally for three powers it becomes 33% for doing power, 33% for digestion power and 33% for immunity power.

1. If the level of wastes in body is less than 33%

Then immunity power itself eliminates that wastes. This is our body’s normal procedure. The resistance power eliminates the wastes through daily procedures of body without making us trouble.

Sometimes we feel minute headache, stomach pain, body pain, slight temperature etc. these all are signs of eliminating wastes from our body. These troubles are created and are gone. Every one of us might have experienced these troubles.  We are not affected by fever when wastes are eliminated like this because this is the normal maintenance process of resistance power.

2. If the level of wastes in body is greater than 33%

Then we are affected by fever. Body uses fever as a resource to change the energy in body. We have seen that energy is divided equally. As the level of wastes is above 33%, immunity power has to take energy from digestion power and utilizes it to eliminate the excess wastes. So the 33% of digestion energy is converted into immunity power.

All these changes are indicated by our body very clearly, but we do not listen to it.



  • Thirst and hunger is lost. So that the energy used for digestion can be used for eliminating wastes by immunity power.
  • Bitter taste is produced in mouth. Body wants us to avoid food at least when we are out of taste.

Our interference and body’s reaction

  • Even when there is no hunger and thirst we eat and drink. Our knowledge makes us act like that because we have been taught that starvation kills our health. So we eat and eat. Sometimes milk, that is not at all digested, sometimes bread that is fermented.
  • What will the resistance power that is fighting with wastes do? It stops the work and starts to eliminate the food that came to stomach without digesting it. Now we feel that fever is cured because resistance power has stopped its work and is behind the food. Body quickly moves the food to colon, water to skin and kidney and regenerates resistance power.
  • We will not leave the body. We will not sit idle. Even if the food that we ate is not digested, again we start to eat food. As the body cannot digest food, again resistance power turns into digestion power and eliminates the food quickly as vomiting. Body indicates that, ‘I’m in another work, please go out’.
  • ‘Starvation is a fault’, our knowledge reminds us. So we forcibly stops vomiting and eat food.
  • As vomiting is stopped, body eliminates the food as loose motion through colon.
  • Our knowledge does not allow us to sit idle. Glucose is directly injected to nerve because along with fever, vomiting and loose motion is there.
  • The vomiting and loose motion that should be gone out is kept safe inside the body with the help of medicines that contains toxins which is powerful enough to make sound problems to our health.
  • The resistance power which was already fighting to remove the wastes accumulated in body comes into a defenselessness state due to the new arrival chemicals. Thus fever is gone. You and your doctor believe that your fever is completely cured.
  • Body will not try to eliminate the medicines that contain toxic chemicals because if kidney purifies the blood that contains chemical wastes then kidney becomes damaged. So, chemical wastes are suppressed inside the body itself with the help of liver.
  • These chemicals will be an asset in future for diseases like jaundice, hepatitis or other serious liver problems.

3. If the level of wastes in body is higher than 66%

Then energy is taken from doing power also. If body cannot eliminate wastes by stopping digestion process alone then a part of energy is taken from doing power. Only a part of doing power is converted into resistance power because the steady processes of body like breathing, heartbeat, activity of internal organs is necessary to hold life.


  • It will be difficult to do the external activities of body.
  • One cannot walk, talk, or do something else.
  • Pain in body and tiredness increases the wish to take rest.
  • Cannot see or walk and temptation to lie down as most of the doing energy is converted to resistance power.

Our interference and body’s reaction

  • When digestion was not there, we ate food and drank water, so we are not ready to sit idle. We will do work. We walk when it is difficult to walk, we read and watch television when it is difficult to see, we talk when it is difficult to talk. These activities waste a lot of energy. Doing power is forcibly awakened. Now we feel that we have got energy to do work and fever is gone.
  • But our body clearly knows which work should be done at the correct time and it knows which work should be given importance. Now most important is resistance rather than digestion or doing. So again resistance power comes back and we lay on bed and sometimes we became insensible.
  • Now we awaken the body by sprinkling water.  Glucose or medicines filled with chemical is injected through nerves.
  • Now what will our body do? According to the quantity of wastes either body comes to sense by leaving the waste elimination or goes to tight insensibility or unconscious state and defense against wastes silently.
  • Now your doctor will say, ‘the patient can be conscious anytime, after some hours, some days, or some months!!!’ sometimes they might give a name to this disease as ‘Brain Death’. Believing this we start to wait.
  • When body finishes eliminating the wastes patient itself comes to conscious. You might have heard about people who have awakened from coma after several years.
  • But sometimes when the patient is in coma his organs are taken as donation and thus the body releases life.
  • By not letting the chemicals into the body that cannot be afforded by it and giving rest to activities of body, one can recover easily.

When body is able to eliminate the waste and when it is carrying on, gradually digestion power and doing power will come back. He will come back to conscious and body will allow doing his external activities. After getting the doing power, thirst and hunger is produced and makes us know that body has won.

Thus body makes us know what is happening inside it phase by phase. This is one of the important works of our body because we ourselves are the main enemy of our body. But we avoid these changes and act according to our like. It is very important to understand the language of our body.

The main reason for the increase of wastes to level three is our proceedings and interference without understanding the language of our body. “We change a common fever to vomiting, loose motion, tiredness, body pain, at last to unconsciousness with medicines and our interference.”

So when you are affected by fever try to understand what body is telling to us without fearing and running hospitals to hospitals and taking self-treatment. Help your body by giving rest to internal and external organs. The internal organs of our body get rest when we avoid eating while affected by a disease. So you will easily recover from any disease if you act according to body’s procedures.

The accumulation of wastes in our body is the main reason for all the troubles and inconvenience of our body. We see the elimination of wastes as disease. Then what are wastes? How is it accumulated inside body? Is the accumulation of waste is the reason for every disease?  To understand these, do follow us.

Fever is neither a disease or symptom

but its a way, sign and saviour

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