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Our goal is for a better tomorrow

Man is a wonder, the prominent creation in nature. He is very different from other creatures. The Developed Brain of man is the main reason for the difference. He has the ability ‘to think’, ‘to understand’, and ‘to act’ accordingly. But unfortunately man is not using his abilities to understand himself or his body. Many discoveries, inventions and achievements are being made by man but he can neither understand his body nor can he act harmony to that. He cannot bring his body according to his management or his permission. If simply said, we cannot control our body. When we fail to control, our body becomes addicted to illness. When body becomes addicted to illness, alternatively body becomes addicted to medicines. But the fact is that these medicines cannot give you deliverance from disease or make you healthy.

welcome to natureOur intention is to take you back from these conditions and make you healthy. To bring back Human to nature at once give you deliverance from disease is the ultimate aim of our website.

We are not against Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Siddha, Acupressure or any other treatment. Everything has its own merits as well as demerits. We don’t mean to nag or degrade any medical treatment or physician personally or indirectly. If you feel like that, just treat it as a normal experience when some facts are revealed.

Man has a great power. He gets this power even before his birth. Each one of us owns that power. But we are not using it properly when it is needed. Our wish is to be with you as an inspiration and a remembrance to use your power. You can live evenness to nature without medicines.
We got to meet some unique people who love the nature and are living evenness to nature. They know their body and their power. We would like to introduce these personalities whom we met and are going to meet to you.
So “Welcome To Nature“, Come, let us learn ‘Who is Man’, ‘what is Man in nature’, and ‘What is his Power’

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  1. sir i want know more about food adulteration

  2. Doctor, My name is George, 67 years, from Australia. I had prostate cancer, which was surgically removed. But the doctor here said that there will be leaking for 6-8 months, which will be gradually controlled. But it is now more than 8 months and still could not be controlled completely. I am diabetic, for which Metaformin tablets are being taken. Your advice shall be much appreciated.

  3. Do you have a hospital for treatment?if so please give details of your location.

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