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Shocking Facts About Allopathy System [English Medicine]

We thought of putting this disclosure as our second post. Because as early you know about this fact, an important idea of ours will be reached to you very easily.

We don’t know why this truth is hidden. But that is the fact. This truth is hidden from everyone. How many of you know about this truth when our government itself knows about this very well. This is the truth…

“There is neither cure nor relief for any disease in Allopathy system.”  This is not our words. The Indian government has declared this.

We don’t know how many of you who read this can grasp this. But this is true, the truth which the government has approved.

Then, why you are taking treatment? Why you are going for Allopathy treatment, to increase or to cure your disease? The time has exceeded. You must think about it.



You might think that it is a farce to say there is no treatment for any disease. It is sure that we will go for Allopathy treatment if an accident, fracture or bruises occurs. Yes it should be like that. But can we include these in disease? Actually what is disease? We hope that your doubts will be cleared when you understand this.


Anyway that true Act is written by the government of India and is valid till now. Here is that Act:

 ‘Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940, Drugs and Cosmetics Rule 1945 and Drug prices control order 1995, in its Schedule – J warns the medical practitioners thus;  here is a list of 51 diseases and ailments (by whatever name described) which a drug may not purport to prevent or cure or make claims to prevent or cure’.


(See rule 106)
Diseases and ailments (by whatever name described) which a drug may not purport to prevent
or cure or make claims to prevent or cure.[table id=3 /]


You can find the details from official website of Central Drugs Standard Control Organization
Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India

Official link for SCHEDULE-J here

  • If so what can we do when we are sick?
  • How can we lead healthy life?
  • What is illness?
  • Can we say that Allopathy treatment is actually progressing scientifically very fast?
  • Does vaccines really improve immunity?
  • What is diabetics?
  • What is Blood pressure? (B.P)
  • What is Cancer? Is it deadly disease, how many percentage of people live healthily after taking chemotherapy and radiations?  Is the treatment for cancer is correct
  • Can we live healthily and evenness to nature?
  • What is the nature of body?
  • Does the food we eat gives us complete health?
  • Which is the correct food manner?
  • Is there anyone who predicts that a major health problem is going to happen to you?
  • What will we do if he says that the food you eat is going to affect you badly?
  • How will feel if he says that your actions will act against your health?
  • Thus, if a person who takes cares of your  health  and  who predicts and warns about your body illness is with you, will you obey him?

 For finding answers for all these questions and many more, follow us




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  1. Pandarinathan K Dr

    The official link of Government of India’s Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation http://cdsco.nic.in/ or
    http://cdsco.nic.in/html/copy%20of%201.%20d&cact121.pdf….doesn’t work, the message “the site cannot be reached” for the first link and “error 404” comes for the second link…

  2. http://www.cdsco.nic.in/writereaddata/Drugs&CosmeticAct.pdf is the actual link for Schedule J mentioned above.

  3. Then how to cure or control diabetes without medicine

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