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The Language Difficult To Understand

You are now familiar with allopathic treatment and allopathic system. You have seen that government itself had said, whether they can cure your disease by treatment or not. The doctors cannot claim that they will cure or cured your disease or prevent from being sick. Then let me ask you one thing, what happens to body when you take treatment? Whether you are helping or harming your body in the name of treatment? If really said, you are actually harming your body and you are continuing that. If you want to understand the story of this injustice, first you have to understand yourself and your body.

The language of our bodyLet’s consider body as a person. Naturally a person will surely have a language. We need language to communicate, to indicate our needs and to establish our relationship. Not only human but also birds, animals and every creature in nature have their own language. We can understand the language of our pets. A farmer can understand the language of soil and nature. The people who live accord to nature can follow the language of nature.

Therefore, being a person, the body should also have a language. Of course, the body does have a language. Have you tried to understand the language of your body which helps you to maintain your health for lifetime? Have you ever talked to your body that stands with you from your birth till your death? We are eager to know about everything in the world besides our body. But we quite ignore the fundamentals of physiology that we must be aware of. Our body can predict the disease that might occur to us in future. This body can tell us how the food we eat will affect us. Will you obey this body who takes care of your health and who wants and predicts about aliments that might occur to you in future? Else, have you tried to understand what the body says? When you try to understand your body, you came to know about the language of your body.

The language of our body is related to nature. The basic lesson is to understand that the nature will not do anything wrong. As the nature could not be wrong, our body also cannot do anything wrong. The procedure of nature is quite immaculate. Our forerunners understood the activity of nature which was in fellowship with every substance, not only that they made it useful for their healthy living. They were not great scientists who invented things but they knew the secrets of nature.

It is difficult to understand body from the biosphere of nature. We are familiar with body. So it is easier to understand nature through body. Let me tell you an example to understand the nature of language of our body.

Let a healthy person enter into a room full of dust. He will surely breathe air mixed with dust. The consequence is that he sneezes instantly. This sneezing can be scientifically said as ‘dust allergy’. But why did he sneeze, did you think about that?

If nose allowed dust to enter inside, then it will enter lungs. It will cause different types of troubles to lungs. So, quickly body recognizes the dust which will cause defect to it and repel it as a sneeze. This is an indication; this is the language of body.

But don’t have time to think about it or to understand it. What we will do is to find a way to stop sneezing. Actually, why sneezing occurred, to helps us or to torture us?

Body will not allow anything to enter inside which will make harm to it. If entered inside, suddenly body will take action to repel it. That is structure of body, otherwise the constitution.

We are not understanding this constitution or otherwise misunderstanding it. When body is doing well we think that is to harm us.

The body has a wonderful structure that maintains and corrects itself.

Everyone, every time just remember this thing;

“Every activity of body is for our benefit. Body will not do anything wrong.”


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