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The Perfect Time to Eat and Drink

Is there a time like that? Everyone likes to eat. Then is there a time to eat too? Of course, because, if someone asks, when we should eat food, then most of the people will say, ‘In time’.

Then what is this time? If we give a form to this time, then it will become a ‘clock’. Most of the people eat food at the correct time which is shown by this clock. Do you think this is correct? Is it right to eat food by looking at the time of the clock? If so which is the right time to eat food? How can we understand that?

Here comes the importance of understanding the language of body. We are familiar with scientific language. That is why we are eating food according to the time shown by the clock. But what we need is to understand the nature of body.

There is a time when body asks to eat food. Do you know which that time is? That is ‘hunger’. Through hunger body asks the food. If so, the food should be taken inside when the body asks it, isn’t that right? Let’s see…

Hunger, that is very important. “Hunger is the fundamental language of our body”

There are lots of people who do not know what hunger is. We must feel hunger before we eat food. The needs of our body will be completely fulfilled only if we feel hunger before we eat food.

Right time to eat and drinkWe are eating food according to our body’s needs. How body makes us know these needs? Through hunger, isn’t  it? If so, when should we eat food, according to clock’s time or when we feel hungry? If we eat food when we feel hungry and by understanding our body’s needs, then the body will convert that food to energy. But, if we are taking food according to clock’s time, then body will renounce the food that is not needed and it will be repelled as waste without getting energy.

This is same for thirst too. The body asks food through hunger, the same way the body asks water through thirst.

We might have seen many people drinking water by counting as they are following naturopathy. But if you drink a lot of water early morning without thirst, it is sure that you will have a tendency to vomit for the first time because your body is renouncing the water. What is vomiting? We have seen that vomiting is body’s renounce.

“Eating without hunger and drinking without thirst is contrary to body’s nature”. If we continue to act opposite to body’s nature in company with science, then what will happen?

  • If you continue to eat without hunger, then the hunger will neglect you, finally you will become a person without hunger.
  • You cannot eat when you are hungry.
  • If you continue to drink water without thirst then, thirst will neglect you; finally you will become a person without thirst.
  • If you fail to understand hunger and thirst continuously, your body will be affected by all diseases from indigestion to diabetics to all deadly diseases.

Only a healthy body will have healthy mind. The adverse thoughts like dilemma, grief, frustration, fear, anger, arrogance etc. are produced from an unhealthy body. These feelings are not common for human; it is made from a sickly mind which is produced by a sickly body.

Hungry, Thirst, Slumber are the basic needs of our body. You will have a permanent health if you do not act against these body’s needs.

Understand body’s needs; agree that, you can be healthy.

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