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Vinegar made from coconut water

What is the need of this vinegar? The vinegar we get from shops is not original. Most of them are not natural. They are synthetically produced. Even if it is written as ‘natural’ on the bottle, it is difficult to believe because there are duplicates that surpass the original.

The unnatural vinegar contains unnaturally made acetic acid. This is really harmful to our body. Most of the pickles available in shop are made up of this vinegar. For example, in soft drinks and welcome juices citric acid is used instead of lemon juice. All these synthetics will affect our health; it will cause ulcer, stomach problem and intestine cancer.

So come back to nature, try to use natural food items, avoid synthetic and chemical added food items.

This vinegar can be used to make pickle and other uses.

natural vinegar from coconut water

How to make vinegar using coconut water?


Coconut water   –   1 liter

Sugar   –   1 ½ spoon


Put coconut water and sugar together in a bottle and close it. Leave it for 41 days to 51 days, and then use it.

Special note: – remember do not close the bottle tightly. Close it loosely. Make sure there is air flow, otherwise the bottle will break.

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