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What happens to the food that we eat?

We have already seen that there is a time for eating food and drinking water. But what happens when the food we eat enter inside our body? It is sure that the food we ate should be digested. Is the stomach that digests the food or the whole body helps in digestion? If yes, we will see how it’s done.

Body is built by organs. Organs are built by internal organs and internal organs are built by muscles. If we continue like this at the end we will get cells. If we say this in reverse, cells makes tissue, tissue makes organs and organs make body. If we can understand the performance of a cell, it is enough to understand the performance of our body.

“The basic function of a cell is digestion. Digestion includes the intake of food and ousting. Otherwise it can be said as assimilation and elimination”.

Assimilation and elimination are seen as two processes but they are one. The end stage of assimilation is elimination and the starting stage of elimination is assimilation. The same is for breathing; breathing is breathing in and breathing out. Wink is opening and closing. Heartbeat is receiving and ousting. These all are two sides of one activity.

Why a cell is doing such a process which includes assimilation and elimination? It is to “maintain life”.

Cells make us understand that energy is needed to maintain life. Food is essential to get energy and to utilise the food, assimilation and elimination is needed. Energy making digestion process includes the waste and the process of removing the waste from our body. To get rice, the hull should be removed from paddy. Like that the cell has the capacity to protect itself by removing the waste and assimilating the energy. Our body is made by these cells.

Right, now let’s again come to digestion.

  • the digestive system of human body
  • When food comes to mouth, it is scrunched and is sent to intestine to gut. From this time spleen abstracts energy.
  • The acid secreted from liver and gallbladder is very important for digestion.
  • The energy is abstracted from the paste of food that comes to small intestine and this paste is ousted to large intestine.
  • Again energy is abstracted from the paste that comes inside large intestine and is ousted to colon with the help of lungs.
  • The energy abstracted by the spleen and small intestine is sent to each cell by heart through blood circulation
  • The paste (waste) that is got after abstracting energy is once more abstracted to get energy and the subsequent is repelled as urine through bladder by kidney.

This is only a brief description of digestion. What you understood? Is digestion a process done by stomach itself or a grouped process done by whole body?

“The proceedings of each internal organ is based on nature of body(law of body). Each internal organ helps the body by operating together by obeying its law. We cannot regulate or change this process by our intelligence or knowledge.”

We only have to understand the basic law of our body to smell out what each internal organ contribute to body’s proceedings. It is not necessary to understand each organ’s doings alone.

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