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What is Heart Block, how it happens? Danger in Angiogram.

Heart Block is today’s one of the most common disease. We only search for the reason and treatment when we are affected by it. But, Mohanan Vaidyar says that there is nothing to worry about this disease. He explains the reason for Heart Block and how to handle this problem.

What is Heart Block?

This is a morbidity happens in the blood vessels of heart. Heart Vessels are blocked. That means the vessels of coronary that delivers blood to the heart is blocked.

Mohanan Vaidyar says that, for him Heart Block, Varicose, Piles, Assimilation of Fat, all these are in the same route. According to him 90 percentages of people go to the hospital for the chest pain caused by gastric pain. He reminds us that 12 garlic petals with milk can cure the gastric problems. But no one tries this. Everyone is afraid of everything, so just run to hospitals if some pain occurs anywhere in body. What happens after reaching hospital?

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Problem of Angiogram

When a patient reaches hospital with chest pain they prescribe for angiogram. But what is this?

If simply said, this is a special type of X-Ray test. This is done for your doctor to find where and how much narrowing and block is there for your coronary artery. This is very easy to say like this, but not easy when it is done.

Vaidyar strongly says that the dye used in angiogram is printing ink. Your doctor can analyze the depth of narrowing and blocking of vessels only by using this. But this will affect your health very badly.”

Side Effects of Angiogram

  • The dye used in angiogram remains in body itself.
  • The person who does angiogram seems to be tired.
  • This makes disability to the cells.
  • Patient dies with heart attack during this test, but it is considered as a common heart attack.

Body has the ability to pump blood through another blood vessel if one is blocked. But no one understands this. No one understands his own body. We can see small children having hole on their valves, but later it is filled by itself when the child grows. This is a small example of body’s power to correct itself. But this power of body is ruined.



The Reasons for Heart Block

  • Incompatible food combinations; some food items should not be combined together and eaten.
  • Today’s’ life style and the fast food is another main reason.
  • The main villain is Trans Fat. Bakery foods, tin foods and fast foods contains trans-fat. The most negative thing of trans-fat is that it will not melt in our normal body temperature 37 degree Celsius. The main important reason for heart block is trans-fat.
  • This type of food is given to the children from their very young age, along with exercise free life style. This leads to many health problems including palpitate, fatty body, etc.
  • The fear factor. The disease which you fear will surely first enter into the mind and then to the body. Vaidyar points out the cardiology doctors as the examples. 75 percentage of cardiology doctors die because of cardiac problems. Every day they mingle with patients having heart problems. So when they are affected by a chest pain they think that it is heart attack.

How to prevent Heart Block?

  • Avoid fast food, tin food and incompatible foods.
  • Understand what you are eating. Understand the ingredients and eat good.
  • Include lemon in your daily food; this will help to dissolve fat in your body.
  • Eat organic food that contains no chemicals.
  • Eat food slowly by chewing it very well.

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