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What is the relation between mind and body? Episode # 2

It should be said that mind and body is one. We see, hear, breath etc. all because of mind and not by body. Body cannot see, hear and cannot do anything if the mind or entity is separated from the body. If so mind is more special than body. Body is a part of mind. Body is in mind, not mind in body.

There is conscious mind and subconscious mind. Body is subconscious mind. There is a language for this body. Body has the power to protect and correct itself. Understand the resistance power of body, understand the language, and allow the body to correct itself.

The weeping of a baby is language of body. Let the baby converse any language but its weeping will be in only one language. We see, hear, breath, smell, feel, smile, all these are language of body. The great example is our tears. If a fly fall into our eyes, tear will come; if some one beats us, tear will come; if we are said, tear will come; if tear excess then it will be ousted through nose. If we look the speciality of nose, we can see that nose acts like a heater during the winder and acts like and A/C during summer. Thus body acts in accord with nature and weather. We can say it as nature of body. When we act against this nature of body then diseases occurs.

Disease is body’s language. Diseases occur only to save the body. We can see the fever as an example of this. No fever comes to kill us. Fever shows our resistance power. Body reacts by diseases only because we have immunity power.

Health and thoughts are very much related. Only healthy body will have healthy mind. For a healthy body, the mind should be relaxed. For that pure food is needed. So eat pure, be healthy, and be with good mind and thoughts.

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