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What powers does our body have?

The basic job of our body is to receive energy. Energy is got when the food we eat digests. Digestion is the intake of food and ousting of waste. What is the use of energy that our body receives? In what forms do our body utilizes the energy?

The energy got from food and air is utilized in three ways

  • Doing power
  • Digestion power
  • Resistance power or damage repairing power

Energy is divided equally for these three procedures.

power to do digest resist normal procedure of human body

Doing Power

This power is utilized by our body for all the works. The power to do is used by our body for all the procedures that is done for our benefit, like moving the hands, legs, eyes, mouth etc. This power is also very essential for the continuous proceedings of our inner organs. We are seeing, hearing, walking, smelling etc. according to the basis of doing power.

Digestion Power

This power is very essential to separate the energy by digesting the water we drink, the food we eat and the air we breathe. This energy is used by doing power and resistance power. So it is very important that the food we eat is gets digested, otherwise there will be a block in getting the energy for the whole body. If there is a block like this, then the proceedings of other two powers will go down. So the doing power and resistance power is depended on digestion power.

Resistance Power

As the name indicates the resistance power not only resists but also repairs the damage. Doing power and digestion power produces wastes in our body every day. These wastes are ousted by resistance power without any difficulty. The resistance power protects and changes the feebleness of the outer and inner organs that gets weakened by our everyday works. It removes the inconvenience of our body. The resistance power is the one that ousts the waste if it is heaped inside our body and corrects the troubles caused by the waste.

This is the correct partition of energy in a healthy body.

This is the normal procedure of our body. We don’t need anyone’s help to see, to walk or to talk. Like that, our body does not need anyone’s help to divide or to utilize the energy. Body identifies the food that will make harm to it and repels that food, renounces the impure air, also ousts the wastes and regenerates the cells.

Is this the only job our body? If we cut our hand by a small knife, the blood comes from it. But, does the body allow the whole blood to go out? Never, within seconds body itself stops the blood that is very essential for it. So, it is sure that body will not allow a single cell to go out that is necessary for it.

We have found earlier that by sneezing and vomiting body ousts the wastes. But by clotting the blood, body showed that, it only ousts the wastes.

Body has the ability to correct the problems that are formed by our doings which are opposite to the nature of our body. Each time body corrects and makes it new.

So, “believe your body, it will not be wrong.”

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