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When to eat food and drink Water? | EPISODE # 4

right time to eatThere is no special time to eat and drink. The body asks for food when cells in our body need energy to do work. The body asks the food through hunger. The food we eat is completely digested only when we eat that food when we feel hungry. The water is needed for the procedures of our body. The water should be given to the body when it feels thirsty.

The food should be taken inside by feeling its taste, and then only the digestive acids are formed. That means, chew the food and eat it. For example, when we hear about tamarind then our mouth will be filled with water. This is because more digestive acid is needed to digest tamarind. So, when hearing about tamarind body produces the acids to digest it.

For vegetarians, digestive acid is produced in their mouth. The food is digested when we starts chewing. But for non-vegetarians, the food is digested inside the intestine.

It is important to eat food when we feel hungry. The same way, we should not eat food we are not feeling hungry. We will feel hungry when the food we ate earlier is completely digested. If we eat food without hunger, then the food we ate earlier and now will not be digested. So, the digestion process will go down. Then gas problem or constipation is caused.

If we eat in accord with season, then the digestion process will be done correctly. Do not eat cold food during summer and very hot food during winter because, the body is trying to suite with nature and weather and if we act against this, then the nature of our body will be shattered. Then some problems like fever, body pain occurs.

We should understand the nature and language of our body. If the food we ate was bad or rotten, then the body will react through vomiting. We try to stop this vomiting by taking medicines without understanding why vomiting happened. But then also body does its virtue. The body try to oust the vomiting, that was stopped by us, through loose-motion. But we will not simply sit. We take medicines and stop the loose-motion inside the body itself. The wastes that were stopped inside our body will get aged and when our body gets immunity power, it will try to oust these wastes as scabies, sputum or something else. This is disease. “The process that we call as ‘disease’ comes only to rescue our body”.

“We fail to understand this language of our body and acts against body that is, we act against our self.” From children to old people, no-one knows what hunger is. “Eating without hunger is the most dangerous injustice that is done to the body.” The food that is eaten by watching television and talking will act against the digestion process of body.

So, please remember these words;

“Drink food by chewing and Eat water by chewing.”

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